Monthly Tarot Reading | llluminating Our Ghosts & Scorpio Full Moon

Hello and welcome to Scorpio season.


As well as experiencing the fullness of the moon in Taurus we are under the influence of a partial lunar eclipse that took place on the 19th November. What does this mean?

Each month the full moon brings with her the gift of awareness. If we choose to tune in and to flow with the lunar rhythm we will find guiding messages about ourselves and the collective.

The Taurus Scorpio axis brings the natural processes of life and death into focus. Death is present in life and life is present in death. Death is inevitable and these forces are inherently complementary. Death can represent the end of an idea, a relationship, something that you have outgrown, something you need to leave behind as well as the death of a loved one.

Held in the light of the moon this is the time to come face to face with realisations and also painful truths. It’s a time when shadows lift and life and death become visible. The flow through the cycle of life, no matter how hard, is integral to your own growth. 

Consider which parts of yourself had to die in order to become who you are today?
Search for answers that may guide you to explore this full moon and observe what information she illuminated for you.

Do I need to bring some of the things I have lost in myself back to life?

Are some of the things I thought I had left behind bothering me like ghosts?

Am I brave enough to talk to my ghosts and come to state of peace with 

Shall I honour more of my old self, my pasts lives in this one, old patterns, old beliefs, old actions, in order to come to state of gratefulness for letting me be who I am now?

How can I let go resentments, frustrations, voices, expectations?

Full moon in Taurus is the sign of embodiment & the senses. Be prepared to receive clear signs through your body, emotions and memories. Look for signs and symbols from the outside world that will give you clues and guidance and your journey.

Bel Senell
Ashlyn Gibson

Crystal Calling

“Citrine is a crystal that can be an accompaniment in the process of transformation. Like sunshine Citrine gives us courage and optimism. It stimulates the desire for change, to make new experiences and to recognise ourselves. It brings joy and lifts our spirits freeing ourselves from oppressing experiences. Citrine confronts us and comes to our aid to recognise the vital life lessons that bring transformation to us”  

Marvin Chillan.