The Clearing - Coaching Soul Surgery I Sarah Page

The Clearing - Coaching Soul Surgery I Sarah Page

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The Framework: A 60-minute session with Sarah is an opportunity to re-orientate and re-centre yourself. Each session is tailored around your needs to help unlock the doorway to your inner wisdom.

You will gain a shift in perspective, bringing consciousness to what lies beneath the surface and enabling you to move through a specific challenge from the personal, relationship, work or family issues.

Working with Sarah gives you the courage to dive deep and change what is not working. Be guided, supported and held in self-exploration, revealing your truth to identify and focus on what you need to move forward with conviction.

A fine-tuning of self.

An unfurling of your creative self.

As an Entrepreneur, Global award-winning Creative Director and Transformative maturation coach, Sarah walk the talk.

Seventeen years ago, Sarah co-founded one of London's top design agencies. Not only did this teach Sarah the fundamental lessons about business and people, and it opened up pandora's box of self.

During this period, she had a calling to do her deep inner work, leading to her spiritual self-inquiry, rebirth, and transformative understanding of herself. She continues to dismantle her past narrative while unlearning habits and patterns that no longer serve her.

Listening to the whisper of her soul, "there must be another way..." she leapt into the void and began to rewrite her story. She left her business, became an independent creative consultant and founded UnearthYou. Sarah is ICF certified and offers a unique blend of transformation, maturation, BodyMind theory and human-centred coaching,

Working with Sarah, you will gain a fresh perspective on yourself and life, seeing what is waiting to be revealed from the inside. 

What To Expect: Sarah works with your whole being using psychology tools and Western and Eastern heritage methodologies through dialogue, self-exploration, and bodywork—Woven with energy and somatic movement to unblock stagnation and supportive healing methodologies to cultivate balance.

Her work intends for you to cultivate balance and move beyond who you know yourself to be. Explore your inner truths to experience yourself, your life, others and the world you live in through a new lens where you learn to become self-directed rather than 'other-directed'.

You will come away knowing more about who you are and how you can live more freely, deeply connected, confident, and in flow.

Offer - save £25

Book your first session to take advantage of a series of 3 X 60 minutes sessions for £425, and we will contact you to arrange the two follow-up dates with this special price. Or reach out by email to arrange your dates for all three sessions