Tarot Reading 2023 I Eri Ishikawa
Tarot Reading 2023 I Eri Ishikawa
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Tarot Reading 2023 I Eri Ishikawa

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Eri Ishikawa uses the tarot as a divination tool to mirror your current state of mind, body and soul. Using a unique spread of her tarot tutor, Jackie Barnes, Eri can reveal things that you tend to miss in your hectic life or that you habitually look away from that can give you a key to move forward with your life.

The messages Eri gets from the cards are interpreted as calming messages from your Higher Self. Through the interpretation of these messages you can delve into your past and present to see how your future will present itself. It allows you the insight and opportunity to change things that may have an undesired outcome for you.

About Eri:

Eri began reading tarot over 10 years when she was a student on the accredited healing course at the College of Psychic Studies in London.

About our approach to Tarot:

Getting a tarot reading is a voluntary experience, and from a commonsensical perspective, our future can't be 100% accurately predicted. However, it can be built and re-built as many times as we want.

Our approach around tarot is that it is a powerful symbolic tool
to embrace for understanding ourselves better by reflection and interpretation. It allows us to create narratives and to think about our lives, therefore we can take wiser decisions. 

Our readers are not psychics, neither they are doctors, licensed therapists nor business advisors. When you signed up for this experience - which is a wonderful one - you take responsibility for the shifts in your life. Tarot does not do changes for you, but you do. And that's magical. 

  • 45 minute session.
  • We operate a non cancellation/refund policy - however if you contact us by email within 7 days of your booking we can reschedule.
  • Book a weekend session - times and availability does vary.
  • UK law states that readings are for entertainment purposes only. The reading may contain advice or guidance. No responsibility will be taken by the reader for any decision or choice made as a result of the session. You also must be 18 years of age to book a Tarot session.