Bless Astro Cafe Series I 2023

Bless Astro Cafe Series I 2023

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A new and exciting, unique and small group experience of quarterly Astro Cafes with astrologer Jane Everett and Bless founder Ashlyn Gibson. Share a 9 month journey of astro discovery where we will learn with and from one another as well as take away new found knowledge.

The Intention:- The intention of the Astro Cafe Series is to give you the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of your personal chart. By sharing experiences and working together we can explore what lies ahead and demystify your personal and wider astrology.

What to Expect:- The circle will shine a light on each person in the group and the archetypes and themes of the incoming energy. Through increased understanding you will develop a vibrant and magical tool that will prove invaluable on your journey.  

Extras:- If you don't already have a natal chart Jane offers 2 options at Bless. 

£120 Natal Chart or £180 1:1 session and Natal Chart. The 1:1 session with Jane is recommended to prime your understanding, the nuance, specifics and relevance of your chart. 

We hope each person can attend each date but don't worry if you can't. You will be invited to join an online quarterly workshop for Jane's subscribers. 

When:- 7-9pm 21 March, 20 June, 21 September, 12 December 2023

Where:- Bless Store, 111 Stoke Newington Church Street, London, N16 0UD

About Jane Everett:- Jane is a sound therapist, crystal expert, energy practitioner and astrology obsessive. On a very definite second act, she came to this work through life-defining personal experience, that continues to inform her learning every day.