Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser

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Create the perfect environment with our ultrasonic electric diffuser.

Fill your room with any aroma within minutes. Our Scent Stone diffuser creates an ultra-fine mist, delivering a powerful, natural scent made from our essential oils blends.

The Scent Stone electric diffuser can help you to achieve better sleep, reduce stress or lift your mood in combination with our range of essential oils blends. You can also choose from one of seven colours to create a subtle glow when on.

Diffuser Highlights:

  • Powerful ultra-fine mist
  • Beautiful ceramic cover
  • 7 colour glow (to suit every mood)
  • 3 timer settings plus a continuous mode
  • Auto switch off when empty

The ceramic cover also allows the diffuser to sit naturally in any environment, with a timer that can be set for one, two or three hours. Alternatively you can use it in continuous mist mode and once the tank is empty, it will automatically switch off.