Tarot Cafe I 14 July 2022

Tarot Cafe I 14 July 2022

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Tarot Cafe is a donation based open space for everyone interested in Tarot, from beginners to professional practitioners, to share information about their practices.

It is not a class, but it is a gathering to share our knowledge about them and learn about other people experiences. This is also a good space to try new spreads and Tarot decks. The July Tarot Cafe will be hosted by Bel Senlle.

For some people tarot reading is seen as fortune-telling, and probably because of that, some people find it scary or dismiss it. Through sharing and practice we can interpret and utilise the information presented in a deep and meaningful way. 

Bless refreshments will be available to buy on the evening and 10% in store discount will be offered.

Bring your own cards or use our decks at Bless.

14 July 2022 1830-2030 at Bless, 111 Stoke Newington Church Street, N16 0UD.

About Bel:-

Belén is an artist, Tarot reader, teacher and flower herbalist. She is also a much loved and valuable member of our retail team at Bless.

Assisting clients in healing, personal evolution, transformation and creating new paths are all fundamental to Belen's work.  Bel's work brings to consciousness what's not been seen to provide clients with valuable tools to help you in the pursuit of discovering your best self.

Having studied tarot for 8 years Bel not only practices but has developed the Claridad Tarot Deck - also available through our store and website

She loves translating the symbolic, mystical interpretations of the cards into common language, using both historical or contemporary decks, including her own Claridad Tarot Deck.