Tarot Cafe I 27 July 2022

Tarot Cafe I 27 July 2022

Bless Stories
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Tarot Cafe is an open space for everyone interested in Tarot, from beginners to professional practitioners, to share information about their practices.

It is not a class, but it is a gathering to share our knowledge about them and learn about other people experiences. This is also a good space to try new spreads and Tarot decks.

For some people tarot reading is seen as fortune-telling, and probably because of that, some people find it scary or dismiss it. Through sharing and practice we can interpret and utilise the information presented in a deep and meaningful way. 

A Bless herbal tea blend from Clapton Botanica will be served with cake and 10% in store discount will be offered.

Bring your own cards or use our decks at Bless.

27 July 2022 1830-2030 at Bless, 111 Stoke Newington Church Street, N16 0UD.

Places are limited so please let us know if you are unable to attend after booking a space hello@blessstories.com.

About Eri:-

Eri uses the tarot as a divination tool to mirror your current state of mind, body and soul. Using a unique spread of her tarot tutor, Jackie Barnes, Eri can reveal things that you tend to miss in your hectic life or that you habitually look away from that can give you a key to move forward with your life.

The messages Eri gets from the cards are interpreted as calming messages from your Higher Self. Through the interpretation of these messages you can delve into your past and present to see how your future will present itself. It allows you the insight and opportunity to change things that may have an undesired outcome for you.  Eri began reading tarot over 10 years when she was a student in the accredited healing course at the College of Psychic Studies in London.