Chakra Singing Bowl I Throat

Chakra Singing Bowl I Throat

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Chakra Singing Bowl set.

The Throat Chakra located in the throat. Its function is communication, creativity. Its inner state is a synthesis of an idea into symbols.Its colour is bright blue and its planets are Mercury and Neptune. Its stone is Sodalite, Blue Lace, Agate, Lapis, Lazuli.Meditation on I speak. Balancing this chakra is important for the speech and communication areas of the brain.Energies: Water, Calming, Soothes, Relaxes.

Frequencies of the sound are different between our Chakra signing bowls. The base tone is unchanged, but the wave sound differs.Singing bowls are really a type of bell, the sides and rim of singing bowls vibrate to produce sound. 

Boxed set

Made in Nepal