Ashlyn's Home Story I Modern Rustic

Over 10 years ago my partner and I embarked on a mission to find a space where we could live, work and play. It was an exciting journey but one that took many disappointing turns with dead ends and hurdles all over place. Finally it came together and we were days away from exchanging on our dream warehouse in Bethnal Green. The biggest hurdle was just around the corner -  out of the blue I  I needed calm and the familiar surroundings of our family home that I loved. Timing is everything.

Fast forward 2 years and the dream that we had didn't disappear. Instead it began to fire up my imagination again. That is when we discovered the place we are lucky enough call home. It was a huge renovation project that is full of influences from our travels. The whole place was taken back to the brick and the roof was taken off to allow an extra floor to be built. A two storey wooden cabin built from reclaimed timber sat at the top of our spiral staircase. It created cosy sleeping quarters and a roof deck. The ground floor kept its industrial heritage with a blend of rustic and Japanese style. Working with artisans we designed a fireplace that we call our 'ravens wing' made from blackened steel. A rum shack doubles up as a teen bunk house, a bar and a study space.

The Clapton Laundry has been used in films, documentaries, music videos and photo shoots. It has been home to circus performances, events and some great parties.

Bless Suppers, a new project that is in the making, will take place here!  

Tickets to our Christmas Bless Supper on 11th December 2021 will be released soon.


Photography Penny Wincer

Styling Ashlyn Gibson