Gratitude Journal

22 September 2021

Letting go of old ideas, friends, businesses and lifestyle choices isn't always easy or pleasant. We all feel there is something comfortable in the thing we know and of course there is yet it can be crippling and draining. Feeling the freedom to run with your ideas and to express yourself is liberating and an essential part of personal growth and wellbeing. When we make a commitment to ourselves and follow our intuition change is inevitable. A new direction and new behaviours send unfamiliar signals to people that can provoke a mix of emotions. There will always be people who champion you and your journey. There will be people who find it difficult. And that's ok.

The evolution of Bless is a reflection of my own journey. It shines a light on things that are important to me. Things that have become part of my everyday as I journey on - sometimes in the light and sometimes fumbling around in the dark.

For those of you know me from Olive Loves Alfie my kids store of 16 years this might resonate. I overheard a girl who has grown up shopping at OLA with her parents showing her friend around Bless. As she turned one of our rose quartz crystals lovingly in her hand she said "And this is the grown up Olive Loves Alfie".

She was absolutely right. 

Growing up is our business and that is why Bless is a shop for soul seekers and conscious beings.

Ashlyn xXx