Invisible People I Kristina Revizor

When the Homes For Ukraine scheme launched as a family we sponsored a member of the Organisation of Ukrainian Female Photographers. We made a 6 month commitment to give artist Kristina Revizor sanctuary and to help her give voice to her art.

This Saturday marks the launch of Invisible People Art Trail in Stoke Newington. Having a shop on Stoke Newington Church Street and being part of such a diverse community with an independent spirit has always felt incredibly positive. Invisible People is taking that to another level as 80 businesses dedicate their windows to a group of talented artists who all too often feel invisible. The collection of art curated by award-winning cartoonist Henny Beaumont showcases the creativity of the invisible in a new light.

“The Art Trail is a celebration of these people’s abilities, an opportunity to make people feel visible and for their artwork to be seen. It’s an appreciation of difference.” – Henny Beaumont

Kristina’s work was selected alongside other artists each with individual and often extreme challenges to overcome. On display at Bless Kristina and I chose 2 photographs from her project 'Chair For Rest' that represent the Ukraine flag. The installation, complete with an old kitchen chair, creates a space for contemplation. Visitors are encouraged to take a seat and respond to the artist's statement by leaving a message in a notebook that will tour with Kristina's work.

“The project began before the war as an exploration of  the places people create for others to rest whilst having very little themselves. After the outbreak of war I now wonder what has become of these people. Some have been enlisted in the military, volunteered to help others, become refugees or perhaps they have died so I can continue to live.” Kristina Revizor


A selection of Kristina's work will be on display at Bless and available to order.

We love our Bless Tribe and all that they bring. With their collaboration and help we are in the process of arranging English Conversation sessions over the Summer at Bless for refugees from around the world. One of our friends has been giving 121 English lessons. Some of our practitioners have offered healing sessions at the Bless Sanctuary. And some of our tribe made generous donations to help us buy Kristina a bicycle. If you would like to help in any way our space at Bless is available for our community. We are always happy to talk ideas about using our space so please do come and speak with us or email