Akashic Records Reading I Sara Llopis

Akashic Records Reading I Sara Llopis

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Sara is a certified Akashic records reader with a decade of experience working directly with clients.  As an introduction to Bless Sara is offering sessions at a special rate for a limited period only.

The Akasha is the primordial substance from which everything emerges. It is a dimension beyond the limits of time and space which contains the energy-frequency-information of all that is. Your Akashic Records are the specific archives of your soul, the living memory - encoded in your DNA, of your journey through infinity.

The energy Sara will receive during the session is from the highest frequency of Love that is available to you at the present moment. The work is facilitated by your guides and higher self. You will only receive information you are ready to receive that is useful to you now.

"Opening your Akashic Records is getting in touch with your unconditioned loving essence and remembering who you are. I feel it’s like a direct communication with your Soul without the interference of our Egos. It is not about the past, and it is not about the future. It’s about you, here and now, committing to your evolution". Sara

For Bless Ensemble corporate, private event and festival bookings please email hello@blessstories.com.

What to expect:-

"After introducing you to my way of working, I will do a sacred prayer and ask for permission from your guides and higher self to open your Akashic Records and access all the information I’m allowed to at that moment.

Once your records are open, I will transmit everything I receive in the more loving, unaltered, clear and transparent way possible.

The session will usually start with a more open, general message (unless you establish some specific boundaries or topics you don’t want me to mention). And we can then move to the particular questions you bring". Sara

  • 45 minutes reading
  • On sunny days readings are held in the private Bless Wild Garden
  • On colder or rainy days or if you prefer readings are held in the Bless Sanctuary - both at Bless Stories, N16.