Crystal I Rose Quartz Polished

Crystal I Rose Quartz Polished

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Heart Chakra

January Birth Stone

Rose Quartz is a powerful crystal to promote self love, to attract love and to heal heart break. Use her to set affirmations and intentions. Add rose quartz to your bathing water as a healing ritual. Hold her on your heart to assist with healing.

Ethically sourced in Brazil

Approx size 9 x 7 x 3cm

You may not receive the actual crystal in this photography but we hand select each of our cystals according to their grade. Before we send your crystal it will be cleansed and charged and gift wrapped. 

Disclaimer:- We are expressing our own personal thoughts about crystals. Crystals and crystal healing do not act as a medical substitute for a condition so please do consult your specialist or GP and only incorporate crystals as a complimentary part of your care. You may or may not experience any of the examples we have given so please approach your crystal buying with an open mind and be ready to experience them in a way that may well be unique to you.