Astro Chart Intro Session
Astro Chart Intro Session
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Astro Chart Intro Session

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Beril's Astro Chart Intro Sessions have been conceived as a journey to increase self knowledge and understanding.  Guided through the astrological landscape of your inner world together with an exploration of your relationship to the world around you provides an opportunity for a new level of  awareness. Gaining an understanding of your personal chart is an expansive and insightful tool for personal growth.

During an Intro Astro Chart reading Beril will cover the following:-

  • Your identity.
  • How you communicate.
  • Your love language.
  • Behaviour traits.
  • Understanding your emotions and impulses through your moon sign.
  • What do your North Node and destiny points say about your life path.
  • A three-card tarot reading to answer any specific question related to your chart.
  • This is a 60 minute online reading. Once you book a session your reading will take place at a time of your choice within 10 days.

About Beril

"In every cycle of my life I am evolving. Central to my being is the approach that I dare to dream. I help people to recognise their dreams and to embody them so they can fulfil their own potential. I tell stories of insight using different tools, such as tarot, astrology, munay-ki, and visual arts.

I have a degree in film studies and two master’s degrees in new media and immersive storytelling. I love using magick in my academic work and reflect my Mesopotamian roots there.". Beril