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Floral and exotic. Use this incense to enhance your daily ritual to invoke love, compassion, devotion, peace and happiness.

We have worked closely with our friends Stupa Incense in Nepal to produce a range of Bless natural incense.  Handcrafted using traditional Buddhist methods our Mantra offering has been made especially for Bless.

All of the packaging is hand made and recycled. The handcrafted incense sticks are wrapped in a handmade paper within a hand cardboard box covered with handpaper paper using natural dyes. Finished with a coconut button and cotton tie the box a lovely keepsake after the incense has finished.

Each box contains a simple handmade incense holder, 40 hand crafted all natural incense sticks and a stick of palo santo.

Meditation includes a Rose Quartz tumble stone for purifying and opening the heart to promote love, friendship and self love. Calming and reassuring Rose Quartz eases and comforts intimes of grief.

  • This exotic blend includes Himalayan Rose
  • Includes Rose Quartz tumble stone approx 1cm, 1 piece of Palo Santo, incense holder and 40 x 4" incense sticks
  • Mild, woody and earthy
  • Burn time 30 minutes
  • Box approx 11 x 6.5 x 3cm
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Made according to Buddhist traditions
  • A Bless exclusive
  • Made in Nepal